ABOUT THE CAUSE has been established to provide 3D printed face-shields to as many hospital staff members as possible in Victoria.

To continue the fight against COVID-19, our doctors, nurses, medical students, cleaners, chefs, and anyone else working in the hospital setting needs to be protected.

We are asking anyone who has a 3D printer to please help us by printing more face-shields.


You can help us through the following actions:

  1. Register your 3D printer with us and we will send you instructions on how to print face-shields OR you can temporarily donate your printer to us and we will return it once printing is completed.
  2. Donating a small amount of money to help support this cause.

This project is only made possible by your kindness and generosity. Thank you for all your help!

What are the printing requirements?

To start printing face shields your printer has to meet the following minimum specifications:

Bed sheet needs to be at least 150mm * 200mm to print one shield at a time. You may be able to print on a slightly smaller bed sheet by printing diagonally.

Face shields should be printed at a resolution of 0.25mm. We have been using 5% infill on Prusa M2/2.5/3S Printers using PLA.

What material do I use to print?

We are using PLA filament as per the recommendations of the original design for its ease of use when printing and affordability. However there are other materials that have been approved for use which are PETG, ABS, ASA or Nylon.

Where do I download the printing file?

Upon singing up to our printer list we will send you an email with all the required files attached.

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This initiative first came about when Julian and Ivy were catching up over Zoom. Julian mentioned a new 3D printed face-shield design he had seen.

Ivy thought this was such a great idea and that it would be a great product to protect our frontline workers. She mentioned this to Tony, who liaised with Western Health’s Emergency Department. They thought it was a great idea and could be adopted for all their staff.

Ivy also shared this with Michael, who tried one of the first face-shields created on his night-shifts. He loved it!

Many phone calls and meetings later, here we are! A small team, but an enthusiastic one!

Dr. Ivy Fan

Dr. Ivy Fan

Administrative Officer

Ivy is a junior doctor working in Melbourne’s west. She is currently undertaking her first year of Physician Training. She hopes to be a Cardiologist.

Dr. Tony Truong

Dr. Tony Truong

Development Officer

Tony is a junior doctor working in Melbourne’s west. He is currently working in Emergency Medicine. He hopes to become an Anaesthetist.

Dr. Michael Zoran

Dr. Michael Zoran

Business Officer

Michael is a junior doctor working in Melbourne’s west. He is interested in critical care and medical education. He hopes to become an Anaesthetist and medical educator.

Julian Visser

Julian Visser

Technology Officer

Julian is the ICT Integrator at Camberwell Grammar School. He works on implementation of ICT systems for teaching and learning. He is a true believer that technology can be a driving force for positive change.